Our Products

Running a store should be fun. We want to support you with our software to make it easier for you to focus on  what’s most important to you – growing your business.

Cost of Goods & Margins

Our margin and markdown optimization software helps you plan a promotion while tracking its likely impact both on your business and your supply chain well in advance. Our analytics and intuitive dashboards let you to keep a close eye on performance, margins and your store’s profit.

Event & Promotion Management

Simulate the impact and profitability of promotions, events and campaigns.

This plugin allows you to create scenarios of any activity in your store, see the financial impact and make sure you have cover and products on hand for your customers.

Automated Replenishment & Forecasting

Quick Assortments’ combination of outstanding computational power, intelligent algorithms and user-defined business rules, redefine automatic replenishment for all products and categories.

Forecasts are optimised for each store, item and day, accounting for holidays, seasons, promotions, price changes, as needed.