Our Services

For the past 2 years, we have been developing merchandise planning solutions for WooCommerce and Magento that give superpowers to merchants and retailers.
With our experience, we can help you to optimise your inventory and sales, or get you the necessary know-how with our support and development teams.

Smart apps for buyers and merchandisers

We offer a wide variety of plugins and extension, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a special requirement.
The members of our development team are all WooCommerce core contributors and have a combined experience of over 30 years within merchandising and retail buying.

Custom Developments

WordPress and WooCommerce products are highly extensible. But many customizations need a programming effort.
As a store owner you might not have the interest, the know-how or time to completely configure and adapt everything to your needs. This is where we can help with custom developments.

Advanced Analytics

Our global presence and specialised expertise in merchandise and assortment planning allows us to give you additional insights in trend spotting, do advanced analytics and support you in strategic decision making.

Shoot, There’s Trouble!

If Java sounds more like coffee to you, then don’t worry.

All of our developers are core contributors to WordPress and have years of experience in trouble shooting and correcting and improving code.

We analyze and run performance testing so you can lean back and be ensured your store is running smootlhy.

We are friendly people and love to give you a helping hand. Give us a call at +46 393 37 91 or drop us a line at service@quickassortments.com