Reduce waste & spillage through automation

Shelf Planner is transforming how retailers buy and manage their inventory. Everyday, we help our customers significantly increase profits and drastically reduce waste in thousands of retail stores around the world.
Our Principles

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much…

Shelf Planner is growing fast — and so is every member of our team. We are boldly driving our mission forward thanks to our engaged, high-performing, creative team who is committed to these shared principles.

  • Be Yourself

Bring only your authentic self to your work and all your interactions. Even when things are tough, have respect for the people around you.

  • Be Empathic

Seek to understand your teammates and our customer. Reflect what you see, support one another, collaborate, and camaraderie will ensue.

  • Be Passionately Curious

Curiosity is the engine of achievement and is the fuel for discovery and learning.

  • Make Better Decisions

Repeated good decisions have a virtuous effect. Treat decision making with care, but never be afraid of making mistakes.

  • Make the First Move

We believe leadership is an action, not a position. Make the first move, don’t wait for other to get started.

  • Take Ownership

Commit and deliver what you promise, fast by showing a can-do mentality.

Our Story

How it all started

There’s got to be a simpler way… 

In 2011, Robbie was leading the menswear department of Sweden’s largest retailer – MQ. Although the team of buyers, merchandisers and designers were brilliant and brought years of experience to the table, every week was a struggle to quickly understand how much to order, what products to markdown and to understand the impact of some of the decisions that were made for the +100 stores. If felt like the entire company was held together with Excel sheets.

Robbie moved away from Sweden, to Denmark and later to Switzerland where he worked with some of the biggest retailers in the world, designing and implementing entire value chain planning solutions. Retailers with thousands of stores (and deeper pockets) have a wide variety of applications to choose from, but somehow the thought that smaller companies were struggling to get the same insights, never let him go.

Hungry for a better solution, Robbie talked to his friend (and co-founder) Riccardo about the problem. At the time, Riccardo was working at Aptos in Milan as one of the lead developers for their Merchandise Planning software. With Robbie’s business and merchandising background and Riccardo’s engineering brilliance, they were able to build a model and app to considerably improve order proposals for smaller retailers.

Today, Shelf Planner is managing orders for hundreds of stores across Europe, drastically increasing their customer’s profits by eliminating shrink and out-of-stocks, but more importantly, helping growing businesses to better understand the art and science of merchandising and inventory management.

Come join us on our mission to reduce waste and spillage across the world through automation.

  • September, 2016

Riccardo and Robbie meet when they’re both working on a project for one of the world’s largest jewelry companies.

  • April, 2018

Quick Assortments is incorporated in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • November, 2018

QA partners with ProCraft Holding and moves into offices in Gothenburg.

  • March, 2019

QA receives funding from the EU as part of the program Innovative Startups 2020, supporting the UN 2030 goals for sustainability.

  • November, 2019

First proof of concept of Shelf Planner by Quick Assortments is launched with a handful of pilot customers.

  • January, 2020

The Italian team expands and Lorenzo and Simone join the R&D team.

  • April, 2020

Shelf Planner is nominated by TechFounders to participate in their competition in the category Sustainable Food and Non-Food Products

  • November, 2020

First customer – DRR Laden in Germany is seeing the results of dynamic inventory management. A whopping 25% reduction in inventory after 2 months.

  • December, 2020

QA moves into new offices at Nya Tingstadsgatan 1 in Gothenburg.

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